The Power of Nature. Unchallenged.

The Power of Nature. Unchallenged.


Look around. You don’t see it? Oh, but it exists. Pollution is all around you. And believe it or not, the indoor ambient air harvests more health nuisance than the outdoors. Mother Nature’s tireless power cleanses our environment around the clock with rain, snow, sleet, fog and dew. Need the same on the inside? No, we won’t make it rain but your Ritello will bring the Power of Nature to your home. Here is how! Inspired by Mother Nature’s concept, your Ritello will “water-vacuum”. It will remove the unwanted dust and dirt while safeguarding them into the water basin. Superman may still fly but wet dust will never. True story.

Just like the outdoors after a rain shower, the Ritello will promote indoor health for allergy or asthma sufferers. The Ritello is doctor-recommended as it eliminates dust, dirt, germs and bacteria that were left behind by your old cleaner. An apple a day, won’t keep the dust away. But Ritello will.

What’s a nature feel without a fresh aroma? The Ritello deodorizes your household while cleaning it with its accompanying scents.

Welcome home.